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City of Maple Valley

Branding Package for the City of Maple Valley.


The Task

Create a response to the Request for proposal to develop branding for the city of Maple Valley.


Graphic Designer


InDesign, Photoshop, Procreate


The city of Maple Valley is located in King County, and was incorporated in 1997. However, it was first settled in 1879, and was named “Vine Maple Valley” shortly thereafter. Eventually, the name was shortened to “Maple Valley”, and has been growing and thriving ever since.

In the past few years, Maple Valley has been experiencing significant growth, and was named one of the top 10 family oriented cities in the US. The population continues to grow, and with additions of a sports complex and new shopping areas to the rich natural scenery, Maple Valley is steadily becoming an even more desirable place to live within the greater Seattle area.

Mood Board

I created this mood board to gather information and inspiration for the designs to come.

Mood Board

The Logo

Logo Sketches

I sketched these three logo brainstorms based on the inspiration from my research and the mood board.

Logo Brainstorm Sketches
First Draft

This is the logo I selected to develop digitally. However, after trying it out in black and white, and looking at it at different sizes, it became clear that the M and the V blended together too much, there wasn't enough contrast in the colors, and the serif font didn't match the feel that I wanted.

First draft
Final Logo

For the second and final version, I separated the M and the V and added a maple leaf and chose more vibrant colors.In this design, the v sits within the ‘valley’ created with the curves of the M. The vine maple leaf represents the leaf that maple valley was originally named for, which calls back to Maple Valley's rich history and creates an easily recognizable symbol.

The red and orange represent energy and excitement, while the green represents growth and nature. Both of these colors are reminiscent of the outdoors, of which Maple Valley has plenty to offer. The green reminds the viewer of trees, forest, grass, and the Pacific Northwest, while the orange and red represent the energy of the people who live there and of the bright future ahead. The yellow-orange of the V brings to mind fall, sunshine, changing colors, and maple leaves.

The modern font represents the forward thinking mentality of Maple Valley. It is quickly developing into a popular area for people in the Seattle Area, and as Maple Valley moves into the future with younger people moving in, the crisp sans serif font brings a modern yet clean and classic feel to the logo that is fitting for this new era of development for the city.

Final Logo
Acceptable Logo Layouts

These are the acceptable ways the logo elements can be arranged.

First draft

These are the colors used in the Maple Valley Logo.

An orange yellow, grassy green, a fall leaf orange, and black.

First draft
Black and White

This is what the logo looks like in black and white.
The shapes all remain clearly defined and easy to read.

First draft

Branded Materials

Business Card

This is the business card design. The front of the card includes the logo, as well as basic information about the person to whom the card belongs.

The green and orange lines are inspired by the shapes of the logo, and bring the movement and visual interest of the logo to the business card design. On the back of the card is the logo, with five images of Maple Valley displayed below it.

Pencil and paper sketch

This is the letterhead design. Here we again see the lines from the logo, similar to the business card serving as a distinct visual reminder of the Maple Valley brand.

The logo is prominently displayed in the left hand corner for visibility since this is often the first place people look. All important contact info on the upper right hand side in a place where it can easily be found.

Pencil and paper sketch

The colors and lines are consistent with the previous designs, and features the logo clearly in the top left of the envelope.

Pencil and paper sketch

This is the folder design. There is a slot for a business card on the left pocket of the folder, and the bold colorful lines create a professional, fun, and clean design.

With the contact info easily accessible on the back, the minimal design is ideal for not distracting from the contents of the folder.

Pencil and paper sketch

This brochure design utilizes previously established design elements, such as color, typeface, and swooping lines as a primary design feature.

Pencil and paper sketch
Vehicle Wrap

This vehicle wrap prominently displays the Maple Valley Logo. The bright and easily recognizable lines give the design a lighthearted and open feeling.

The bright and clean design clearly displays website, email, and phone number without being cluttered.

Pencil and paper sketch

This is a mock-up of what the logo would look like on a mug. A mug is a common item to have around the official Maple Valley offices, or to sell as a souvenir.

Pencil and paper sketch