Who am I?

I grew up in the Seattle area in a German family. I’ve always had a reputation for being meticulous, yet creative and expressive, which I cultivated in high school through art classes (I was also in a Beatles cover band) and into college, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in photography at Western Washington University. After graduation, I realized my art practice was missing the opportunity to exercise my problem solving skills- so I found my way to UX/UI design and have spent the last several years developing my skills as a designer.

I volunteer as a UX/UI designer at an animal rights organization, and when I’m not designing I am reading about philosophy, learning to crochet, and perfecting my mechanical keyboard. I have a soft spot for soft pretzels, the color periwinkle, and nice throw blankets. 

Why UX/UI design?

I am a UX/UI designer because I enjoy using my creativity and love of design in measurable, functional ways. My experience in graphic design, fine art, and teaching have guided me to become an empathetic, well-rounded designer with a solid foundation in visual design, critical thinking, and effective communication.

I am particularly interested in the intersection of UX and UI, and the use of visual art and design principles to create beautiful, appropriate designs which are carefully considered and intentional down to every last detail.

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